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Half Life 2: Episode 3

posted by macho 02-03-2010, 13:41

Interesting headline, huh? Well, I cannot say that I know something for sure so far but I guess it goes along with the Valve style - uncertainty and mystical stuff. So, everything began with the yesterday's Portal update. The only thing written in the update news was
* Changed radio transmission frequency to comply with federal and state spectrum management regulations

Immediately a discussion began in the Portal forum and soon it was noticed, that there has been a new achievement added to the Portal ones:

Transmission Received

Veeery interesing. The achievement doesn't require any more explanation than already provided and it was soon clear how to complete it as it was already pointed out in the forum.

After a while, some guy in the same forum using the SSTV method acquired various pictures from the sounds that were supplied with the update. Very weird ones if you ask me, but still - just like Valve (and germans) likes it. Most of the pictures was of dinosaurs or something, I haven't checked them all out and some of them were in morse code. So one of the users summarized the information in the uberlong thread, surprise, surprise, still no sense, except for one message that said "LOL". Argh, they're making fun of us, bastards!

All in all it was fun and interesting but not very meaningful until I saw this thread that claimed that some of the sounds confirmed HL2:EP3. I don't know whether they confirmed that they are from EP3 or if they confirmed that there WILL eventually be an Episode 3, a fact, some of us has started doubting, but I don't have the time to explore it further, so you may go ahead and point out valuable and interesting stuff, here, in the comments and I will be glad to update this article if something good comes up.

Cheers to HL2:EP3, it's been a long time :)

a better and more thorough summary available here
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