Registration features:

You have two choices for the registration at gign page:

Free registration

Registration is available to anyone without a charge by invitation. To receive an invitation, you have to follow some simple steps:

  1. Register at the forum
  2. Post a request for an invitation
  3. Check your mail for invitation and follow the instructions
  4. Fill out the registration form and log in. Thats it!

If you for some reason have not received invitation mail, then please enter your mail address below and we will try to deliver missing mail to you.

Paid registration

If you do not wish to wait for invitation and want to register instantly, you can do that by SMS-pay. Follow these steps to complete the registration process:

  1. Request an invitation from GIGN by filling out the form bellow with your e-mail:
  2. Check your mail for invitation and follow the instructions
  3. Registration form will provide you with instructions how to send an SMS to receive a registration code
  4. You will have to enter received code in the registration form

Registration price is 0.35Ls/0.50EUR and is available to Latvian GSM users. Please post your question in this forum thread if you have one.

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ooF: neko nezinu par css nekad nav paticis
centraale: un ko tu nezini? :(
ooF: centraale vai tava senci beidzu :weirdlinusW:
centraale: nu un kaa beidzi?
ooF: atri
ooF: ble kapec man bots roasto
centraale: nevis bots bet centraale
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