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Eof Šausmas

posted by macho 09-07-2007, 17:32

So I didn't do that stuff at university and I even don't understand why I'm writing this because no one reads this page in english, and even if someone does then ... I don't really care. So maybe let's sing a song? No? Ok let's do something else. Let's write a page full of different phrases and expressions till it's completely full. I'll start. The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. Then she jumped into a well, broke all four legs because the well was empty and started to sneeze. Her sneezing opened a portal in time but not in space so she teleported to a 3 year old past where she was in the same well only with water. Before drowning she managed to sneeze one more time and the portal in time opened up again. This time it took her to a 200 years old past when there was no well - only solid ground. So the fox died instantly. Such an amazing story, thank you all search bots for listening.
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anfisa: Bet Džimija joki ir labi. Vnk man kaut kā nenāk smiekli ;D
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