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MackTrucker2000: Hey there sexy.

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Do I know you?

MackTrucker2000: Not yet but you should want to.

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Really?

MackTrucker2000: Yah

MackTrucker2000: Let's chat.

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: About what?

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: What do you want to chat about?

MackTrucker2000: Let's talk about you

MackTrucker2000: what are you wearing right now sugar?

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Hold on for a minute.

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: ok?

MackTrucker2000: k

MackTrucker2000: What are you doing

MackTrucker2000: heloo. U still there?

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: I'm back.

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: So what were we talking about?

MackTrucker2000: you were going to tell me what you were wearing.

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Not much. I'm just getting ready for bed.

MackTrucker2000: mmmmmmm. I like that.

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: I'm over at my friend's house.

MackTrucker2000: Tell me.

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Tell you what?

MackTrucker2000: tell me what you have on

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: No. You tell me what you have on.

MackTrucker2000: I'm wearing a pair of jeans and that's all.

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Gross. Is your big fat stomach hanging over them?

MackTrucker2000: No sugar. Im very good shape. Work out every day.

MackTrucker2000: have six pack.

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Lol. Me and my friend Laura are drinking a six pack right now!

MackTrucker2000: I like that. Come on baby tell me

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Ok. I have on a pair of underwear, and Laura's Superman t-shirt.

MackTrucker2000: Is that all?

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Yep.

MackTrucker2000: Is the t-shirt tight?

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Yeah. It's skin tight.

MackTrucker2000: no bra?

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Nope. I never sleep in a bra.

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: It's too constricting.

MackTrucker2000: mmmmm. I like that.

MackTrucker2000: tell me more

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: You like to wear a bra to sleep?

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: That's weird.

MackTrucker2000: lmfao. No i like that you don't wear one.

MackTrucker2000: I want to slide my hand up your shirt.

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Really?

MackTrucker2000: mmmmmm.. yeah.

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Well maybe we should get to know each other a little bit better first.

MackTrucker2000: what for.

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: What's your name?

MackTrucker2000: Chuck

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: My name is Sarah

MackTrucker2000: Hahah. Yeah that's what I figured

MackTrucker2000: so do you like to suck cock sarah

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Wow. You really like to get right to it don't you?

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: What's your last name, Chuck?

MackTrucker2000: Why do you want it

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: I'm just trying to get to know you, that's all

MackTrucker2000: Well I don't want to know you that well.

MackTrucker2000: I just want to have a good time

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Ok. Sorry.

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: I didn't mean to freak you out.

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Where are you from?

MackTrucker2000: MD

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Really? Me too!

MackTrucker2000: No your not your from San Diego.

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: How do you know that?

MackTrucker2000: cause it says it on your profile page

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: No, I just put that there to throw people off.

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: You really have to be careful who you talk to on these things.

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: I really live in Maryland and I'm really only 18.

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: I still live at home with my Mom and Dad.

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Where in Maryland are you?

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: I'm in Baltimore.

MackTrucker2000: Im in Manchester

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: No way!

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Get out of here!

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: I live in Manchester too!

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: I didn't want to say Manchester because I didn't think you would know where it is.

MackTrucker2000: Don't lie, sugar. Lets fuck

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Seriously! I'm not lying.

MackTrucker2000: Ok lets talk about my big cock in your mouth

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Wait a second.

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Let's talk more about you.

MackTrucker2000: don't want to talk about me

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Gosh, you're so secretive.

MackTrucker2000: take your panties off sugar.

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Ok.

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: But first you have to tell me where in Manchester you live.

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Come on. I'll tell you.Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Maybe we already know each other.

MackTrucker2000: doubt it.

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: You're so funny

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: My Dad calls me sugar all the time.

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: I live right near Grace Bible church.

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Do you have a picture that I can see?

MackTrucker2000: check my profile

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Oh. Ok. Hold on.

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: OMG. Dad, this is Chrissy.

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: It's me, Chrissy.

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Your daughter? Duhhh. Hello?

MackTrucker2000: shut up whore. I don't have any daughters.

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Dad, I'm serious. This is really Chrissy.

MackTrucker2000: whats your last name then

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: It's Bolchezk, same as yours.

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Evil_Sarah is just my made up name online, Dad.

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: I'm over here at Laura's house. remember?

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Spending the night?

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Hello?

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Dad, are you there?

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: You're disgusting.

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: I hate you.

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: I'm going to tell Mom about this.

MackTrucker2000: quit trying to mess with me

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Dad, I'm not kidding.

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: It's Chrissy. Our phone number is 410-374-****!

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: We live at **** Charmil Drive, right by Grace Bible Church.

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Dad?

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Answer me.

MackTrucker2000: <<has logged out>>

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Nedomaju ka tur ir kautkas kopigs ar to reklamu...

Normali norecos -

MackTrucker2000: check my profile

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Oh. Ok. Hold on.

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: OMG. Dad, this is Chrissy.

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: It's me, Chrissy.

Evil_Sarah_Bitch: Your daughter? Duhhh. Hello?

MackTrucker2000: shut up whore. I don't have any daughters.

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vēl viens tīri interesants šits!

RockClmbr2002: rachael, do u have bragg?

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: who is this

RockClmbr2002: trevor

RockClmbr2002: do you have bragg?

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: no i don't hon

RockClmbr2002: oh, ok, nm then

RockClmbr2002: thnx neways

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: your welcome sexy

RockClmbr2002: what?

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: you know i never told you before but i think you're sexy

RockClmbr2002: ok, like, are you Rachael? or is someone else there cuz this is a little scary

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: its me honey

RockClmbr2002: ok, well, what have you beeen doing lately?

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: not a whole lot what about you?

RockClmbr2002: um, well, i hjave been thinking about you

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: oh really?

RockClmbr2002: yes really, alot of time

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: and what thoughts have you been having about me?

RockClmbr2002: well, it was.. nothing really

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: you were doing alot of thinking about me but it was nothing really?

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: hey you don't have to be shy with me

RockClmbr2002: oh, ok, well, i don't know how to put what i felt in words

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: well why don't you try

RockClmbr2002: well, ok, but what do u want me to say?

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: its not about what i want you to say or what i want to hear sweetie

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: its about your feelings

RockClmbr2002: oh, wel, i don't know what to say, rent u an geof?

RockClmbr2002: nm

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: no but i think you have feelings for me

RockClmbr2002: what kind of feelings?

RockClmbr2002: and would that be god or bad?

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: you know romantic feelings i've seen the way you look at me

RockClmbr2002: well, do u like those feelings that u see

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: i have the same feelings for you

RockClmbr2002: oh

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: yes when i see you i get a tingly feeling all over

RockClmbr2002: well, um, i have soathing to say to

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: yes?

RockClmbr2002: well, i should apologize if i led u the wrong way, um, yeah

RockClmbr2002: the thing I wanted to say was, "Alex"

RockClmbr2002: sorry

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: what about alex?

RockClmbr2002: well, she is the love of my life

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: i know that sweetie thats why i haven't made a move on you before

RockClmbr2002: well, what happened w/ Goef?

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: he's a nice guy

RockClmbr2002: well, don't u think, nm

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: but he's lacking in some areas

RockClmbr2002: like what?

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: well its kinda hard to explain

RockClmbr2002: oh, well, what do u see in me?

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: well Geof is nice but he's a minute man

RockClmbr2002: oh, ok

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: and i do like him but its not satisfying

RockClmbr2002: oh, and i am?

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: when it comes to that thing i'd much rather be with you

RockClmbr2002: oh, ok, what about like fletcher, or trent, or even lucas?

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: well i do have fantasies

RockClmbr2002: omg, relly?

RockClmbr2002: omg

RockClmbr2002: woww

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: well you do too!

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: i got news for you mister we females like it too and have our own fantasies

RockClmbr2002: like what?

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: well i know you guys

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: you have all sorts of naughty thoughts

RockClmbr2002: go on

RockClmbr2002: please do

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: i'll bet you've fantisied about haveing more than one girl in the sack haven't y you?

RockClmbr2002: um, well

RockClmbr2002: uh, do u eally want me talking bout this

RockClmbr2002: do u enjoy ur little fantasies

RockClmbr2002: and what happens in these fantasies, rachael?

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: come on its a common fantasy amoung men

RockClmbr2002: well, all guys are different, u dont't know bout me

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: i do enjoy them

RockClmbr2002: what happens in them

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: true but tell me you haven't once thought of me and Alex and you together

RockClmbr2002: well, i dont really want to b sharing that rigth now

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: i know you are uncomfortable

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: she is yourlove and thoughts of sex with someone other than her might make you feel bad

RockClmbr2002: if i said yes to u, would u want to make love with me

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: yes i would

RockClmbr2002: what if it was 2morrow

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: yes tomorrow what time? my place or yours?

RockClmbr2002: and what do u think?

RockClmbr2002: would be best

RockClmbr2002: place and time

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: its up to you

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: is there anything special you want me to wear

RockClmbr2002: well, i don know, r ur parents home

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: crap i think moms gonna be home tomorrow

RockClmbr2002: oh, ok, does nebody else know about it, ne friends, ppl, etc.

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: GOD NO!

RockClmbr2002: would u ever tell?

RockClmbr2002: ne one?

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: NO! i know you love alex alot it would kill her if she found out

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: and Geof. i like him too i'd hate to hurt his feelings

RockClmbr2002: oh, ok, r u serious about doing it?

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: yes can we do it your bedroom?

RockClmbr2002: impossible, my parents, and my mom is always home

RockClmbr2002: plus how ould u ge here

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: ok lets meet some where

RockClmbr2002: like where

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: how abotu at Alex's house?

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: she's right here with me.

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: want me to ask her if it's ok for us to have sex at her house?

RockClmbr2002: bull shit she is not there

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: Trevor. This is Alex.

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: I can't believe you are trying to have sex with Rachel

RockClmbr2002: what is this

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: I came over here to talk to Rachel and you wrote to her

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: what the hell do you think you're doing, Trevor?

RockClmbr2002: i am not doing anything shes the one who started it

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: Oh, please. I've been watching the entire time, Trevor.

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: it was funny at first but then you started trying to have SEX with her???

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: Trevor, you told me that you loved me!

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: NOW YOU WANT TO FUCK RACHAEL?


RockClmbr2002: ALL i did was ask her if she had bragg and then i was going

RockClmbr2002: she started and I was just joking anyway

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: I don't believe you and I don't ever want to see you again, Trevor.

RockClmbr2002: ALEX

RockClmbr2002: LISTEN TO ME

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: NO. goodbye, Trevor

RockClmbr2002: ALEX

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: i hate you and i hope you DIE!!

RockClmbr2002: ALEX

RockClmbr2002: rachel tell her the truth that you were just joking with me

RockClmbr2002: rachel

RockClmbr2002: answer me please

RockClmbr2002: this isn't funny it was just a joke so why wont you answer

RockClmbr2002: alex

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: sorry trevor

RockClmbr2002: this isnt funny

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: i thought it would be funny but then you got all serious

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: this is rachale again

RockClmbr2002: I DID NOT

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: alex left

RockClmbr2002: YOUR tHE one who started this

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: im really sorry

RockClmbr2002: where did she go?

RockClmbr2002: this is not even funny rachael

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: please trevor im really sorry

RockClmbr2002: you just messed up my whole life

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: im so sorry

RockClmbr2002: is she gone or is she still there

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: she ran out

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: i think shes downstairs calling her mom

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: are you ok?

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: trevor

RockClmbr2002: im here

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: im so sorry

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: but i really do think about you like that all the time

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: i know this is all crazy now but do you still?

RockClmbr2002: are you serious?

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: yeah

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: alex left and i dont know

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: you said you were thinking about me

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: is that true?

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: i really do think your sexy and

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: i dont know

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: nevermind

RockClmbr2002: this is crazy

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: im sorry about alex

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: are you mad at me?

RockClmbr2002: no

RockClmbr2002: im not mad

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: so do you still want to meet?

RockClmbr2002: yeah i do but this is all messed up now

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: you do

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: do you still want to have sex?

RockClmbr2002: yeah but

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: you do?

RockClmbr2002: yes i do

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: TREVOR! THIS IS ALEX STILL.

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: I CAN NOT BELIEVE YOU

RockClmbr2002: this is just crazy


ra3ch3lth3gr3at: I WILL NEVER TALK TO YOU AGAIN!!

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!


RockClmbr2002: i cant take this

ra3ch3lth3gr3at: I HOPE YOU DIE AND GO TO HELL!!

RockClmbr2002: <<user has logged out>>

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tjipo vēlviens: :pizdiblee:

victimx_22: How evil are you Sarah?

evil_sarah: What?

victimx_22: I'd like to do somethgn evile with you.

evil_sarah: Sex on your mind, huh?

victimx_22: Always lol

victimx_22: Why are you horny?

evil_sarah: Always lol

victimx_22: LOL

victimx_22: cute

evil_sarah: So are you gonna fuck me or what?

victimx_22: Sure. You got a picture?

evil_sarah: Yeah but you don't want it

victimx_22: Why?

evil_sarah: Its all choppy. I scanned it wrong.

victimx_22: Can you scan another one?

evil_sarah: My scanner is broken.

evil_sarah: Do you have one?

victimx_22: Yes. I'll send it.

victimx_22: *Pic*

evil_sarah: Not bad at all.

victimx_22: Well what do you look like then?

victimx_22: If you don't mind me asking

evil_sarah: You know Ester Rolle from "Good Times"?

victimx_22: Yeah

evil_sarah: I look like her.

evil_sarah: Are you there?

victimx_22: No thanks.

victimx_22: I don't fuck niggers

evil_sarah: What the?

evil_sarah: You racist piece of shit.

evil_sarah: I'm hispanic.

victimx_22: The mother from Good Times isn't hispanic

evil_sarah: So?

victimx_22: and she's a fat ass


victimx_22: Then how the hell do you look like Ester Rolle?

victimx_22: Are you gonna answer me?

evil_sarah: Sorry. I've got irratable bowel syndrome.

evil_sarah: I had to clean something off of my carpet.

victimx_22: FUCKING SICK!

evil_sarah: Don't worry about it hunny. I won't get any on you.

evil_sarah: Taco Bell puts a beating on my ass.

victimx_22: That is so gross

evil_sarah: I can still suck your cock.

victimx_22: I'm not so sure

evil_sarah: Come on. I thought you were horny.

victimx_22: Why not. Go for it.

evil_sarah: OK!

evil_sarah: You ready?

victimx_22: yep

evil_sarah: I slowly unzip your pants.

evil_sarah: I feel your loins harden between my fingers.

evil_sarah: I gently free your manhood from your pants.

victimx_22: Yeah baby

evil_sarah: Squatting down on my kness to kiss you.

evil_sarah: Mmmmm you taste good.

evil_sarah: FUCK!

evil_sarah: Hang on.

victimx_22: Mmmmmmmm

evil_sarah: Gotta hit the bathroom again.

victimx_22: What happened?

victimx_22: Don't stop now

evil_sarah: Ok I'm back

evil_sarah: God damn diarrhea.

victimx_22: Almost there. Keep going.

evil_sarah: Ok. I slowly glide you inside my tight mouth.

evil_sarah: I begin to stroke you inside my mouth.

evil_sarah: You can feel my soft tongue on your member.

victimx_22: mmmmmmmmm yesssss

evil_sarah: I reach down and play with my cock.

evil_sarah: Just rolling my balls in my hand while I suck you

victimx_22: Mmmmmm almosttttt

evil_sarah: I begin to jack off while I give you head.

evil_sarah: I feel you throbbing in me.


evil_sarah: I wanna taste your..... what's wrong?


evil_sarah: What? Can't I get myself off too?

victimx_22: YOU'RE A FUCKING GUY!????!!!

evil_sarah: Yeah. Whats the problem?


evil_sarah: Look man. I'm sorry.

evil_sarah: It's the Taco Bell I had.

evil_sarah: It normally doesn't smell that way


evil_sarah: Well, you just came from a blowjob from another guy/

evil_sarah: So you must be half gay.

victimx_22: NO I DIDNT THANK GOD!

evil_sarah: So if you did cum, that would have made you gay?

victimx_22: I thought you were a girl! YOU FAGGOTT!

evil_sarah: Man, you've really got srtong feelings about blacks and gays, don't you?

evil_sarah: I'm always willing to help a fellow queer come out of the closet.

evil_sarah: Let me help you finish.

evil_sarah: Lowering my ass onto your dick...

victimx_22: FUCK YOU!!

evil_sarah: Riding it...

evil_sarah: Riiiiiding it!!

evil_sarah: Uh oh. Those wet farts are coming back.

victimx_22: I'LL KILL YOU FAGGOT!

evil_sarah: Oh god, I just shit on your dick.

evil_sarah: Sorry about that.

evil_sarah: Let me clean it off for you.

evil_sarah: Cup your hand over your nose so you don't smell it.

evil_sarah: mmmmmm

evil_sarah: Yeahhh baby.

evil_sarah: Hello?

evil_sarah: You there?

victimx_22: <User NotFound>

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