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posted by worm 28-06-2011, 17:33

Summertime is in full swing. Therefore it's time to announce the yearly GIGN party which will take place in August. If you check out the web archive then you will see that GIGN will celebrate its ninth anniversary. That's why you are welcome to visit the voting thread and choose an appropriate date for the party which suits your schedule. If you have an idea where the unforgettable event could take place, please don't hesitate and post it in this thread.

In other news... If you haven't noticed the large amount of players on TF2 servers then you probably didn't know that the game can be now played free of charge with some limitations. Therefore GIGN team announces that for a limited time you can buy the slot on our servers for just 1.54Ls (about € 2.20) (initial cost which includes one month subscription). This offer is available to Latvian mobile phone users (LMT, Tele2 or Bite). If you prefer other types of payment (like paypal), please contact me directly and I will gladly help.

Due to excessive amount of players on TF2 Main server we are launching two more servers - and Respectively - Dustbowl 24/7 and Goldrush 24/7 servers. More to follow...

I would like to announce that we have a little surprise for our CS 1.6 players, too. From this day all subscribers will be able to use commands xvotekick and xvoteban. Also your health will be restored in case your team player hits you. Cheers!
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anfisa: Bet Džimija joki ir labi. Vnk man kaut kā nenāk smiekli ;D
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