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TF2 6x6 tournament!

posted by worm 16-10-2010, 12:56

It's getting colder outside but it's still too early to pack your gear and go skiing. That means that it's time to get in your gaming chair and show how big is your virtual muscle. From October 25 till October 31 we will be hosting the GIGN Team Fortress 2 6x6 tournament. Team applications are welcome till friday, 23:59 (October 22). There are several topics in the forum covering some information about the tournament.

Forum topics:
1. Team applications. Please read the first post with the example.
2. Rules and game schedule.
3. Search for a team.
4. Talk thread about the tournament.

First phase - teams will be split in groups of four. Teams will have to play a game with each other. Second phase - single elimination playoff. Team count in the playoff will be determinet after all the applications have been submited.

Thats it for the moment, stay tuned...
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