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posted by worm 10-03-2010, 13:28

The new server has arrived! In the next days we will be moving gameservers to the new box. Be advised that TF2 and CS:S servers and the web page could be unavailable at this time. Also note that both servers will disappear from steam server favorite list. You will need to re-add them to the list manually! These changes won't affect CS/CSDM/War3 servers because they will remain on the current server.

A big thanks goes to all donors. I would probably had to eat bread and drink plain water for the rest of the month if there were no donations. I hope that the list will get bigger in the future...

Donations till 14.03.2010:
ry.: 10Ls
MaX: 50Ls
blindmind: 12$
krish: 100Ls
vincister: 13.37Ls
^Ali^: 10Ls 55Ls
Dj_erix: 50Ls
test2: 100Ls
Total: 394.37Ls ( ~ 560 €)

I offer an unlimited nick/steamid subsriptions as an addition to the donations which will exeed 40 Euros.

A remainder - you can donate money to paypal accound:
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