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Hay, reddit

posted by EDD 15-08-2009, 16:19


Most keen-eyed users of our forums, as well as those well-versed in the high arts of narwhal bacons at midnight, will have already noticed that GIGN TF2 Top10 #2, the brainchild of two of our members Oddish and macho, or, more specifically, its English version was upvoted to and featured(!) on the front page of a small social news site called reddit last night. For those unfamiliar with reddit - let me provide a little perspective: while might be the 160th most popular page in Latvia, it ranks only ~186,000th in the world-wide series of tubes. Now, in comparison, is the 546th most frequented site in like, EVAR.

The result of this interwebz exposure is rather impressive: in less than 24 hours' time the number of views the video had received since June 14th on YouTube has more than doubled - and I'm dead certain the number of foreign guests' visits to and has also seen a substantial increase. I trust our hospitable weblord evilworm can confirm this with fancy graphs and statistics in the comments of this article (yea, that's a nod right there, worm ;) )

So please, let us raise our cups and glasses to the wonderful folks who made this possible - Oddish and macho, and also our lovely gaming community, of course. May the 3rd iteration of GIGN TF2 Top10 (which is coming along very soon, I hear) be even more awesomer and comprised of even more WIN.
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