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posted by macho 05-01-2010, 12:51

Before I translate all this shit into english I would like to know that there is anyone reading it, so you can either show yourselves in the comments or use the translator. As I use a lot of slang, some stuff won't make any sense but for now I can't make myself translate all this text. Maybe later, maybe never, maybe leather!!

Ok, I got a single response in the comments and as I have nothing better to do, here you have the english version of the news. I have to add that this is not a blind translation of the latvian version, I just write stuff with a similar idea.

Before I begin my tales of games that I've bought over the last two weeks I would like to remind our foreign visitors (googlebot, yahoobot and the guy that responded in the comments of this article) that we have set up a forum for english speaking people. For now there is only one topic where a couple of members are showing off their english skills (or rather - the lack of them) and have written random nonsense in english. Speaking about english stuff, I have thought about it, well, writing something in english and engaging in different activities with the people from other countries (for example now I am making the new GIGN TF2 top10 #3 video and asking the people to send in their special moments) but it seems that there are just too few (the 2 bots and 1 commentator) people who would be interested in this. I know there are a lot of foreign players in our tf2 server but I don't know how many of them are interested in this site, forum and community. That's why any feedback would be very encouraging. Anyways, this is just the start, I'll try to write stuff here in english and we'll see how it develops. And as this is not an essay for an educational institution be warned that all this stuff may contain errors as english is not my native language and I do not try to write correctly exceptionally hard because it will not be graded by my hot english teacher.

Now, onto the actual article.

So, the Steam store has ended it's holiday sale during which I bought the following games:
Zombie driver
Zombie bowl-o-rama
Elf Bowling
Puzzle Quest
Mr. Robot
Ben there, Dan that and Time Gentleman, Please
Half life: Source

The first one was Zombie Driver. Basically, everything you need to know about this game is in the trailer. I watched it, I understood what exactly did this game offer me and I bought it (cheaply). Come to think of it - I have never seen a game whose trailer would depict the gameplay so explicitly. In all fairness, this game has a really simple gameplay - drive around in a car and smash zombies. In later levels - smash and shoot zombies. In even later levels - smash and burn/explode zombies. What more do you need from a game? As for myself - that is enough. The game has gamepad support (at last a game I can play with my xbox360 controller bought for PC) and overall seems very nice. The locked-on camera at first pissed me off, but I played this game just a bit and later read that you can change the camera in the options (which is very good).

Second game I bought was Elf bowling (which goes under the same roof as Zombie bowl-o-rama). I remember the elf bowling flash game which was extremely funny because you had elves instead of bowling pins and they threw all kinds of witty remarks at you when you smashed them with your bowling ball. Now, Elf and Zombie bowling are of the same kind but you get to have different bonuses you can use yourself and different tricks you can use on your opponent. The computer seems to balance out the odds - if you are heavily defeating the CPU, it drops more bonuses for the loser and less for the winner, that's why the best strategy is to save the bonuses for the end. Both games are funny and interesting, zombie bowl-o-rama even includes integrated Steam achievements and in general is a bit harder than elf bowling, mainly because it's harder to get a strike (without bonuses) and thus - a 300 point game which is one of the achievements, which by the way I have gotten all!

I bought Mr. Robot because I thought the game looked cute and come to think of it - another reason was the low percentage of people that have gotten some of the achievements - three or four of them were only achieved by less than 1% of all the people who've played it - that made me think that the game is relatively hard. And I like that. Just like Trials 2 which I bought the previous year - when you get to the hard tracks it takes a lot of time before you understand what to do and if you don't have patience then of course you stop. I like challenge, that's what I'm saying and while I played Mr. Robot just a bit, I hope it'll deliver some. And it seems that the game has a cool story which is always a plus, because sometimes a good story can even compensate for the lack of gameplay because you just play the game to see how it all turns out.

One of the last games I bought was Puzzle Quest. Remember I told you how I care about a good story? Now this game has it. Basically it's very similar to Bejeweled. Only it has more RPG elements, for example if you make a match of three skull pieces you damage your opponent (there are two players - you and CPU) and if you make a match of three other pieces you can gain experience or heal yourself or gain different magic points which you can use later. So it's like Bejeweled + RPG elements + cool story - the cool voice that said EXCELLENT and WELCOME and stuff like that. I've played only a little to get acquainted to the basics of the game but this seems to be the scenario where the gameplay isn't as interesting as the story itself.

I haven't played any other of the games I bought, because I've been too busy with playing Crash Bandicoot. It's a game which I played when I was in primary school and it sure brings back memories. Now when I played it, it seemed weird how much patience and precision I had those days because the game is really hard. I sweat the shit out of my hands and had to sweep them regularly. The game is immensely entertaining and fun AND hard. I love it. Though the graphics are from the year 1996, I don't mind a bit, I love everything about this game. Though it was so hard that I had to use passwords I looked up in the internet :) That's because you can save only in every second level and if you finish a level that was uberhard you cannot save your progress, you have to go into the next level, find three pictures of a chick and finish a bonus level in order to be able to save your progress. Nice :) and kudos to the small version of me for being able to do all that not having the internets that day. Maybe I'll someday try to repeat this accomplishment. Later I started playing Crash Bandicoot 2, but that just isn't the same. Game feels like a rip-off of the first one with few original additions and a lot easier.

And, what concerns TF2, I've started ilding, I'll write something about that later.

Ok, bye google bot, yahoo bot and that guy who wanted the english version.
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