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Music and other things

posted by worm 16-04-2007, 16:24

Unfortunately this post is not ment for all the people. Those who will go to White Sensation please click here. Furthermore those who will go to the White Sensation and are gay, click here.

I wanted to tell you about life. And music. I advice you to see Medieval Child (Deep Purple fans will defenitely love this) as well as reggae group Striķis. I have seen both groups live and I have to say I will love to see them again.

Carrying on about music. Wacken festival ticket has already arrived for me and two more of my mates. Therefore you can expect a comprehensive review about the fest in the end of summer.

Some other things. I have spoken to test2 and we had a great idea to make a brief video on how to play CS. I have to admit that I don't know EVERYTHING about playing, however I know a lot of things and essential tips that people don't know. So I'm waiting for recommendations in comments about what we should include in the movie. Generally we won't take in into account your recommendations anyway, but we look forward to seeing some great ideas.
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anfisa: Bet Džimija joki ir labi. Vnk man kaut kā nenāk smiekli ;D
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