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Facts about GIGN

posted by worm 02-02-2007, 15:59

I was thinking a bit and came to a conclusion that this information could be kinda useful and interesting, so I am presenting you some facts and numbers about GIGN community.

First of all - about the famous buster. It is doing it's job for already 78 days, since 28 of november. It has placed 227 permanent bans (from 286 total). That's about three bans a day. The count of permanent bans has decreased about five times since buster. There are only 59 permbans from our admins, that's less than one ban per day (remember, not so long ago there were more than 20 bans placed daily by admins).

Little about the web page... I was kinda lazy to search for the earliest version of the page, because it's available only through Anyway, the first so called web page has it's base core made in July, 2002. The page itself was published only after a half-year on 22 of January, 2003. During this time I wrote 4747 lines of php code, so that the page could be alive :)

In april, 2005 I published the second version of the page, which was upgraded latter on. The main difference was the right column - it has been split since that moment. In the result there were 19176 lines of php code. Concerning the last masterpiece - it was published in a very significant date - first of September, 2006. The first sketch of the new version was made before the second version came out - somewhere around February, 2005.

Current version of web page was build from scratch. It depends very much on javascript and it has nothing to do with any of the previous web page versions. Interesting that the size of code is very similar to the previous page - 19688 lines of php code. There is nothing much about the visitor count, but i know that I had promised to buy a box of beer for the GIGN members, but I quickly changed my mind as I saw the growing numbers of people coming. The magic number was 5000 for the free-beer weekend. Now i feel a bit screwed :)

About the registration & stuff - there are almost 5400 registered users. It is twice as much as it was before the invitation system was introduced. There are 96825 invitations, 636 users have not responded to the invites and 107 users didn't confirm their account. There are about 17'000 messages sent since the messaging system appeared, 43'865 comments have been posted in the discussions and other places. Flash games have been played a total of 1'881'468 times, a similar number of picture views - 1'935'906 times. By the way, the most wanted picture is this one.

About the server. Lately it is feeling a bit tired from all the workload. It is holding two public CS servers (cs and csdm) and two clan war servers. Anyway, the worst part is the web server. It does sometimes interfere with the CS server, so people get bad latency in game. Speaking of which - I have written some amxx scripts for the CS server making a total of 4000 lines of code not counting the modified ones. As I'm talking about the code & stuff, it could be interesting to add that the buster is built on c++ and has 3645 lines of code. I don't remember the precise date of development kick-off, but it was somewhere in the end of year 2005.

What do people do here? About 57% of visitors enter the site by visiting main page. Surprisingly, but about 35% have direct link to the server page. 90% of visitors are returning members, others are here first time. 97% of the whole community comes from Latvia. Kinda weird, but the second place takes United Kingdom, but the third goes to the United States of America. Latvian users use mostly Lattelecom DSL services as the internet provider (32%) and Latnet (5%) in second place.

About the community itself. Average age of a registered member is 16 years. The most of the users are 14 years old (17%), 15 years (15%), 16 years (14%) and 17 years (12%). 2% of the community are girls. Every 129 member is using Logitech G5 mouse while every 200 member is using steelpad :)
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