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- Welcome to Rustevo | European & Latvian Community

Servera konfigurācija:
» Weekly Map wipes | Monthly BP's wipes [Last Wipe 20.12 | Next Wipe: 05.01]
» 2x Loot & 2x Scrap | 2x Gather Nodes & Animals | 2x Stacksize
» 50% Crafting times & 2x Smelt Speed | 2x Recycle Speed
» Workbench Tier 1 Unlocked [Except Raiding | Garage Door]

Server IP Addrese:

# Join our Discord Server for more information: https://discord.gg/TGUJCrd <-- Pievienojies mūsu discord serverim jau tagad!

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Short introduction:

Mu-kaimas main mission is to give you stable and incluse Mu Online gameplay on our server. Mu online game for us is life style. We started play and develope from 97d version then it was newest version 2002-2004y. Project is our life goal. As long as we will live. As long as server will be alive!

Main server information:

Version - Season XII (12) (Premium files)

Rates -

Experience - 500x (dynamic).

Drop rates - 15-30% (balanced).

Master experience - 10.

Points per level 5/6/7.

Max stats 32000.

After reset stats burn and gives RRx1000 pts.,

After grand reset stats burn and gives GRx100k pts.

Spots - 3-5 monsters per spot. (Monsters walking in their range).

Shadow phantom soldier buffs until 200lvl.

Muhelper from 1 lvl.

Screenshots from server:


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