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ja kaads var, iepostojat loadingsound sma ar citiem soundiem tipa kad skan 5o cent u.t.t

pats meeginaaju bet nesanaaca nomainiit saundus skan vecie hl saundi smiliez.de_2477.gif

ja neesat redzeejushi ka skan citi sandi kad laadeejas tad pameeginat ieiet mw.hopto.org!

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* Play a sound during the connection.
* Random code part taken from plugin
* connectsound by White Panther
* v1.0

#include <amxmodx>
#define Maxsounds 6


public plugin_precache()

// Skanaslikt (sound/misc)
new soundlist[Maxsounds][] = {"1","2","3","4","5","6"}

public client_connect(id) {
new i
i = random_num(0,Maxsounds-1)
client_cmd(id,"mp3 play sound/misc/DZiesmas.nos.mp3",soundlist[i])

public plugin_init() {

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