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CHANGELOG 14.04.2021
[+] Fixed Chaos Card drop rate in (DS) Devil Square
[+] Added New Feature Transfer Coins
[+] Changed strength for Kalima map monsters
[+] Changed few (DS) Devil Square,Loren Deep monsters
[+] Changed LOW x50 GR Reward from 200 to 300 GC
[+] Changed Webshop items maximum sets up to BOK+3
[+] Changed Weapon drop from BOK+3, BOK+4, BOK+5
[+] Updated GameGuard features

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CHANGELOG 16.04.2021
[+] LOW x50 Added 2x Item Requirement for Grand Reset
[+] Fixed Item image, description info in Market
[+] Removed unnecessary NPCs in game
[+] Changed Zen drop by by -10 to -20% (top maps only)
[+] Changed Vulcanus drop +20% more Zen than any other top maps
[+] Updated our website features and security
[+] Updated info in Game Guides: HELP.ELITEMU.NET

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CHANGELOG 30.04.2021
[+] Changed (DS) Devil Square EXP to +200% (triple)
[+] Changed (DS) Devil Square max player in room = 20
[+] Changed (IT) Illusion Temple Event to 2x daily 
[+] Changed Scrap of Paper drop from mobs 90+ lvl
[+] Changed Sign of Dimension drop from mobs 90+ lvl
[+] Changed Starter Buff days and activation times
[+] [LOW x50] Increased Grand Reset Zen Price
[+] Increased (DS) Devil Square Event Zen Reward
[+] Updated info at Game Guides: HELP.ELITEMU.NET

CHANGELOG 27.04.2021
[+] Updated our Transfer Coins feature
[+] Added auto-restart every 1 hour for GameGuard
[+] Added New System in website Currency Market [HOT]
[+] Removed Off-Level in Events like BC, DS, CC, IT
[+] Changed Maya Hands Boss drop to 1x Exc. 380lvl item
[+] Changed Nightmare Boss drop to 3x Socket items
[+] Changed post global chat price to 500k

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CHANGELOG 14.05.2021
[+] Added new rules about Voting
[+] Fixed Ancient drop issue from Kundun, CC, LOT
[+] Fixed Medusa Boss and her assistants strength
[+] Fixed Currency Market in website (back online)
[+] Changed (CC) Chaos Castle winner Reward
[+] Changed Medusa Boss spawn time to 4x per day
[+] Changed Medusa Boss item drop count from 3 to 1
[+] Changed Staff damage for SM in correct order
[+] Updated website features
[+] Updated Game Guides: HELP.ELITEMU.NET

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Changelog 26.05.2021
[+] Added new type VIP = ULTRA VIP
[+] Added Non-Exc Inberial Staff drop in Raklion
[+] Added Phantom Knight and Great Drakan spots in Icarus
[+] Changed max DD and REF option % rate = no limit
[+] Increased BK PvM damage by +10%
[+] Increased DL PvP damage by + 10%

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Changelog 17.07.2021
[+] Fixed Ancient drop for all Semeden set items
[+] Changed PK Clear Price
[+] Changed (CW) CryWolf Event shorter time Cycles (no more need to wait as long as it was earlier)
[+] Changed (IT) Illusion Temple Event Reward
[+] Changed Exchange Requirements for Gold Fenrir
[+] Changed DoppelGanger monster total count by -25%
[+] Changed Off Level settings, allowed maps
[+] Updated some info @ Guides: HELP.ELITEMU.NET

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Changelog 22.07.2021
[+] Fixed Excellent Bone Blade drop from Bosses
[+] Fixed Happy Hour Bonus issue
[+] Updated CryWolf Bonus System
[+] Added New Socket System Guide
[+] Added New Horn of Fenrir Guide
[+] Added New Jewel of Harmony Guide
[+] Updated ALL info @ Guides: HELP.ELITEMU.NET

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Changelog 31.08.2021
[+] Fixed Achievement System reported bugs
[+] Added reported missing non-exc socket item drop
[+] Added new Aida2, Crywolf2 teleports in menu
[+] Changed Hell Maine Boss spawn at the end of Aida3
[+] Changed BK damage base to Energy (more info: HERE)
[+} Updated monster spots in maps Aida2, Aida3
[+] Updated 2nd Class, Marlon quest item drop rate
[+] Updated server-hosting with the latest updates
[+] Updated info @ Game Guide: HELP.ELITEMU.NET

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CHANGELOG 11.09.2021
[+] Added Senior Lord Mix module 
[+] Added PK Statistics module in character info page
[+] Added Hide PK Info module
[+] Changed Castle Siege day cycle
[+] Changed Hide Info price for 300 Coins (7 days)
[+] Changed Off Level max time 24h, VIP = 36h
[+] Decreased Event BC ticket part item drop rate %

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