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Found 2 results

  1. Register now and earn free 100 Credits (Credits will be added in 26/02) PS : 1 Credit = 5 WCoins Mu SunRise LOW RATE SERVER LONG TERM NON RESET Grand Opening 26.02.2016 17:00 Server Time [/center] Server Configuration: Season 8 episode 3 Experience - 100x Master level experience - 100x During the weekends experience will be set to 125x, ML 125x Item drop rate - 30% Resets - disabled Points per level - 5/6/7 Max level - 400 Max master level - Default 5-10 monster per spots Reconnect system - Enabled Multi-account on one Ip - Enabled X-shop (in game) Donations (WCoinC) Anti-cheat Premium Website No Server Side sold items Elf Buff till Level 399 Party Bonus - Enabled Class Creation: Dark Wizard, Dark Knight, Elf, Summoner – level 1 Magic Gladiator - level 1 Dark Lord - level 1 Rage Fighter - level 1 Item Upgrading: Soul success rate = 50% Life success rate = 25% Harmony success rate = 45% Wings level 1 = MAX 100% Wings level 2 = MAX 80% Wings level 2.5 = MAX 60% Wings level 3 = MAX 30% Item creation +10 = 75% Item creation +11 = 65% Item creation +12 = 55% Item creation +13 = 45% Item creation +14 = 35% Item creation +15 = 25% Luck gives additional 25% success rate when upgrading item, in Chaos machine as well as additional critical damage rate Daily Events: Blood Castle - Every 2h Devil Square - every 2h Chaos Castle - every 2h Castle Siege - every Sunday Loren Deep - every 8h Moss Merchant - every 6h Crywolf event - Wednesday 8:30, Saturday 20:30 Group events: Nightmare battle DoubleGoer Imperial guardian Imperial guardian Sunday Raklion Selupan Battle soccer Guild War Gens War Invasions: Golden invasion - every 4h Bone King invasion - every 4h Medusa invasion - every 6h Red Dragon invasion - every 4h White Wizard invasion - every 4h Christmas Event (Pouch of Blessing) - every 4h Summer Event (Fire Flame Ghost) - every 4h New Year invasion (Cursed Santa) - every 4h Were Rabbit, Lucky Bag, Fire Flame (Eggs Event) - every 4h Golden Goblin invasion (Invoking demons) - every 4h Extra Events: Golden medal Silver medal Golden and Silver sealed chests Chocolate box Ribbon box Candy box Lucky coin exchange Cherry blossom exchange Mu Rummy card game Muun pets LINKS: WEBSITE Link REGISTRATION Link CLIENT DOWNLOAD Link FACEBOOK Link SCREENSHOTS: Changelog: [/center]
  2. [/center] EX702 Mu Online Network [/center] [/center] International Gaming Evolution adapted its name in late 2012. We were strictly a private community until we took over Zentinial Entertainment. We are a group of people that live and breathe Mu Online. We launched with fresh databases late 2012 and had many hurdles that ended up killing the network. All resources were depleted and momentum diminished, however three of us never gave up. IGE is now owned by Auroraz and operated by Alucard and Athenrye. We are three players that create wonders that make Mu Online a rather old MMO into something that is just spectacular to present to the community. We are living examples of leadership, determination, precision, passion, and execution. IGE was born in a basis that all servers are strictly FREE to play. Since the team has started developing and configuring Mu Servers we have gained such great allies, friends, foes, and players. We may not have the best of timing however we aim to please all mu enthusiasts out there. IGE is not for the average player, but the experienced player. IGE Mu Servers aim to indulge players who want to experience Mu Online in a different angle;, players who enjoy PVP, players who like challenge, players who will adapt to new builds, players that enjoy being part of a team, players that enjoy being part of a revolutionary community. Although we host four servers each of them are unique and configured to the last detail. We have been learning and adapting to our players for the past year and it is now again time to shine. IGE is proud to present our latest and greatest EX702 Mu Online servers. We are currently making sure that our entire configuration is working properly and accurately. We have spent long hours tweaking and configuring the server to make it as enjoyable as it can and we are not even done yet. The MU Online scene has been changing drastically and with a smaller player base we have to please in order to gain some of the highest ranks. [/center] EXP: 25x - Drop: 20% - Max RR: 40 - RR Style: 400 Stat Points / RR EXP: 50x - Drop: 20% - Max RR: 50 - RR Style: 300 Stat Points / RR EXP: 200x - Drop: 25% - Max RR: 80 - RR Style: 400 Stat Points / RR EXP: 500x - Drop: 30% - Max RR: 120 - RR Style: 400 Stat Points / RR [/center] Screen Shots [/center] Links Main : IGE PORTAL Lilith : Server Here Zentinial : Server Here ETX : Server Here Aurora : Server Here
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