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Šausmas Part.1

posted by macho 06-06-2007, 21:47

There's this stuff at university I have to do and I have only 14 something days left and it's like really hard stuff and there's a possibility that I might not stay in the budget places so that's why it's really dramatic. So I have to learn really hard to do like all this stuff and be able to do it in the remaining 14 days, so it'll be like a challenge I've never had before though I've had some hard stuff, this is not anything like that. So I need the support of all my fans - I know there are a gazillion of you out there and I will overcome these difficulties, do everything in time, then stay in budget and get drunk as hell afterwards. Thank you!
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anfisa: Bet Džimija joki ir labi. Vnk man kaut kā nenāk smiekli ;D
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